Repairs & maintenance of metal-working & NC machines

Above all, we are aiming at providing complex services in the field of technical diagnostics, maintenance, repairing and service of metal-working & NC machines. Our service staff utilizes and offers their more than thirty years of experiences in the NC machinery repairing field in the former Zbrojovka company Vsetín.

  • Current repairs & maintenance, emergency repairs – mechanical and hydraulic parts of the machinery
  • Current & emergency repairs of electrical parts – drives, converters, control systems, measuring
  • Medium-sized repairs of metal-working machines – repair of each nodal point and of the whole machines
  • Technical diagnostics – dynamical measuring acc. to ISO 230-4, laser-based measuring acc. to ISO 230-2
  • Technical assessment of machines – establishing of the capability and state-of-the-art of machines and their parts
  • Reconnaissance – a preventive maintenance system to minimize possible unplanned unavailability time of machines



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